Prof. Yi Mou from the School of Media and Communication Has Made the List of Elsevier Highly Cited Chinese Researchers for Three Consecutive Years

阅读:366 发布于:2024-03-30 16:05

On March 27th, Elsevier, which publishes over 2800 first-class academic journals including The Lancet and Cell, officially released the 2023 "Highly Cited Chinese Researchers" list. There are a total of 9 scholars in the field of journalism and communication, and Professor Yi Mou from the School of Media and Communication has been on the list for the third consecutive year.



The list of "Highly Cited Chinese Researchers" uses the globally authoritative citation and index database Scopus as the statistical source of scientific research achievements of Chinese scholars. The method developed by Shanghai Soft Science Education Information Consulting Co., Ltd. is used to analyze the performance of Chinese scholars' scientific research achievements. Since its inception in 2015, it has drawn much attention from domestic and foreign media and scholars. During the production process, this ranking observed scholar indicators from multiple dimensions, optimized the methods of academic attribution and corresponding judgments, and analyzed the scientific research achievements of Chinese scholars. For example, it only counts the scientific research achievements published by these scholars as first or corresponding authors. For another instance, if they have at least one highly cited article in the top 1% globally, or publish as the first author or corresponding author, their overall "disciplinary normalized influence" FWCI index is higher than 1, indicating that the citation influence of the paper is higher than the world average.